1. General terms

1.1 The Client is the person or corporate body that places a commission.

1.2 The commission is the assignment or work placed with Pavla Dohnalova (PD) by the Client and may comprise translation, proofreading/editing translations or other similar or associated work.

2. PD Qualifications

2.1 PD is a qualified, professional translator, translating into her native language of Czech, with experience in the fields from which the text to be translated has been taken.

2.2 The Client is encouraged to provide as much background information as possible (such as previous material, glossaries, etc.) in order to assist with the correct rendition of the text. The intended use of the translation shall always be agreed and stated.

3. Acceptance

3.1 Having regards to her other committments, PD shall not be obliged to accept a commission if the Client asking for a quotation fails to place the work within 3 working days.

4. Delivery

4.1 A delivery date should always be agreed with PD prior to issuing a purchase order and only when PD has had full sight of the material to be translated and has received complete instructions from the Client. PD will always endeavour to be flexible and meet an urgent deadline but the Client undertakes to deliver the commission promptly after placing the order.

4.2 Translations are delivered to the Client by a method agreed at the time of the order (attachment to an email, post, etc.). Clients are encouraged to acknowledge safe receipt of the work completed.

5. Rates and payment

5.1 Rates shall be agreed before work is commenced and any estimate based on the Client’s description of the work shall not be binding until PD has had submitted a quotation based on full sight of the commission.

5.2 Rates may be varied after work has commenced if it emerges that not all the relevant information has been provided and/or there are any changes to the requirements.

5.3 Payment shall be made within 30 days of the date of raising the invoice, unless agreed otherwise.

5.4 In case of large commissions, an initial payment and/or payment in installments may be required.

6. Cancellation

6.1 Cancellation fees shall apply if a commission is cancelled or reduced in scope after work has commenced.

7. Confidentiality

7.1 The Code of Professional Conduct of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, of which PD is a member, requires PD as the translator to treat all work entrusted to her in complete confidentiality. In accordance with the requirements of that Code, PD will not make direct contact with her Client’s clients without the express permission of her Client.
7.2 When necessary, PD shall consult with colleagues about problems of terminology and other linguistic matters, but shall ensure in all cases that there is no disclosure of confidential material.
7.3 The Client shall not disclose to third parties any information relating to PD or her business without her permission.
7.4 PD works in strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on personal data processing. Detailed information is available on request.

8. Responsibility and liability

8.1 PD shall carry out the translation to the best of her ability, knowledge and belief and in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. PD shall endeavour to ensure that the translation is suitable for its agreed purpose and target readership.
8.2 The liability of PD on any grounds whatsoever shall be limited to the invoiced value of the work.
8.3 Completed translations shall be kept in PD’s archives for a minimum of one year from the date of delivery. A computer back-up system is in place.
8.4 PD shall not be liable in the event that an event or situation beyond her control occurs that prevents the translation from being delivered by the agreed date. In such an event PD will make every effort to supply the work as quickly as possible thereafter. These events include, but are not limited to, power failures, illness of translator, transportation delays, equipment failures (including Internet and email failures) and acts of God such as flood, fire etc.

9. Complaints

9.1 Any complaints by the Client about PD’s work shall be submitted in writing, in a manner that accurately demonstrates the nature of the complaint, within 5 days from the delivery of the commission, otherwise the translation is considered to be accepted. No complaint will be considered until PD has had an opportunity to study the complaint.
9.2 PD shall not be held liable for any changes made by the Client to the translation.

10. Copyright

10.1 Completed translations do not become the property of the Client until paid for in full. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the Client has the right to commission the translation of the text sent for translation and indemnifies PD against any breach of copyright law.

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